Elections 2018: PTI Withdraws Two Tickets from Gujrat Over Protests of Unfair Awarding


ISLAMABAD: PTI withdrew two tickets from Gujrat constituency candidates after protests over awarding tickets unfairly for elections 2018.

The former Gujrat district president Chaudhary Ilyas and Muhammad Zubair were stripped off their party tickets. Both were awarded tickets but in new candidate list announced by PTI to contest elections 2018, their names were missing.

Chaudhary Ilyas was awarded a party ticket to contest elections from for NA-71 Gujrat constituency. While Muhammad Zubair was awarded party ticket for PP-28.

Earlier on, PTI withdrew party ticket that it awarded to former Federal Minister, Sikandar Hayat Bosan. Bosan, who had joined PTI was awarded ticket to contest election from NA-154 Multan constituency. However; long time party workers had started protesting from the constituency against Bosan’s candidacy.

The protesters against awarding Bosan the party ticket stated that he had just finished his 5 year of term earlier on when he was in PML-N.

The protests against unjust awarding of tickets have been taking place at different constituencies. Old time party workers have been protesting claiming that unknown faces and new recruits have been receiving party tickets to contest in upcoming elections.

Imran Khan had announced to announce a new list of candidates that would contest elections on behalf of party for elections.


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