Emergency Declared in Hospitals of Karachi Amid Fierce Heat Wave


KARACHI: The Health department has declared in hospitals of Karachi after notice of heat wave issued by Meteorological Department.

The Meteorological Department of Pakistan has announced that Karachi will battle fierce heatwave in the next two days. Keeping this in consideration the Health Department has issued an emergency in the Hospitals of Karachi. The hospitals are suppose to be ready for cases of heat strokes and such due to the heavy heat. Hospital has cancelled staff holidays and have been called back for these two days.

The Meteorological department has issued a notice that the temperature will rise up to 43 Celsius in Karachi. The humidity levels will be at 65-75% in morning and 25-35% in evening. The temperature is forecast to reach up to 40-42°C on Friday, with humidity levels at 50-60% in the morning and 20-30% in the evening.

The Health department has also issued notice to open special ward to treat people that have been affected by the heat wave. People have been advised to avoid exposure to sun as much as possible. Water bottles should be carried to avoid dehydration and use shade to cover head while walking directly under the sun.


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