Ephedrine-trial against Hanif Abbasi, verdict to be announced today


A special trial court conducting Ephedrine-trial against PML-N leader Hanif Abbasi and others is due to serve its verdict today.

Earlier, Abbasi’s plea for delaying trial proceeding rejected by Judge Akram Khan noting that Lahore High Court orders are to be followed. The judge also remarked that he will continue hearing arguments into the night if it takes that long.

The Supreme Court had dismissed Abbasi’s petition against the LHC order directing to complete the ephedrine trial against him by July 21.

On July 11, the Lahore High Court,  Rawalpindi Bench, deciding on a request filed by Shahid Orakzai, ordered that the trial be carried on a daily basis from July 16 ahead and be concluded on July 21.

Abbasi, who is contesting the upcoming election from NA-60 Rawalpindi. Facing charges of misappropriation of 500kg of the controlled chemical ephedrine which he obtained for his company, Gray Pharmaceutical in 2010.

The  ANF (Anti-Narcotics) Force had registered a case against Abbasi and his accomplices in June 2012, citing several clauses of the Control of Narcotics Substances (CNS) law. ANF officials claim the substance was sold by Abbasi to narcotics smugglers who used it to make ‘party drugs’.

The trial has been ongoing in a CNS Court in Rawalpindi. Abbasi and the other accused, including his brother, were indicted in 2014 by the CNS Court. Abbasi, a former MNA from Rawalpindi, is expected to have a tough electoral contest with Sheikh Rasheed — who is allied with PML-N’s major rival PTI in upcoming July 25th polls.


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