Expired meat recovered from Karachi restaurant under probe over death


The local food regulatory and inspection authority raided so expired meat recovered from Karachi eatery.

Expired meat recovered from the restaurant in Karachi as Sindh Food Authority or SFA raided their godown. However, two children are died after dining at the said restaurant.

The raid was conducted on the information as the seal stopping exit/entry to the eatery is in question and it had been removed. However, upon arrival, the officials analyzed that the eatery’s supplies were secretly moved.

The expired meat recovered was three years old as the expiry date was 2015. In addition, the rotting stench was also found on the meat.

The godown has also other items such as beverages with the date of expiry clearly visible on the labels. One SFA official said that the meat was stinking as it was rotten.

Earlier Agha Siraj Durrani, Sindh Assembly speaker formed the 3 member committee to overlook the provincial food authority. Ghanwer Ali Khan Isran, Sanjay Perwani, and Sohrab Sarki are included in the committee.


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