Facebook letter to ECP vows to clampdown on fake Id’s


Facebook is measuring up ensure transparency in polls ahead in Pakistan; Facebook letter to ECP

The Facebook authorities sent a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan on Thursday apprising of its attempts to promote democracy and ensuring fair and free elections on July 25. Describing its endeavors to promote democratic processes and, its social platform’s efforts in ensuring fairness and transparency for July 25 polls.

The letter further states, the social media platform has designated special teams ahead of the elections to have a crackdown against the fake accounts and prevent online abuse on the website.

“We have dedicated teams working on upcoming elections around the world, including Pakistan, to help detect and prevent malicious actors or abuse on our platform. This work includes removing fake accounts, increasing ads transparency and reducing the spread of false news. We are also actively working to secure candidate and party pages to protect them from hacking and impersonation and will be sending out security emails to admins of such pages,” the letter read.

Facebook will also be facilitating the electorates working closely with devised ECP’s mechanism.

“We would also like to serve the Facebook community in Pakistan with a vote reminder at the top of their News Feed and to promote the ECP’s 8300 SMS service, which will allow Pakistanis on Facebook to easily access information about voter record and their polling station,” it further stated.

“Facebook has incredible potential to be a positive force for democracy around the world. Facebook gives a voice to people of all ages and political beliefs, it encourages debate and the healthy exchange of ideas, and it makes leaders more accountable to their constituents,” the statement read.


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