Famous poet and journalist Rubina Parveen found begging on streets


Rubina Parveen, the renowned poet and journalist found begging on the streets of Lahore.

According to sources, Rubina Parveen is living in the hut and begging on streets to manage her expenses. Her hut is near the Orange Line Train Metro structure that costs million. However, no action has been taken to improve her life.

Rubina Parveen worked for 15 years for different magazines, channels, and publications. She became destitute after her divorce and her mother’s death also made the situation worse for her. She later kicked out of home by her sister in law.

Earlier, Nusrat Ara aka Bil Batori  from the famous play Ainak Wala Jinn found begging on Lahore streets. In addition, she was living in Samanabad Lahore in the small rented house. However, she also died last year in poverty. She revealed her sad story and expected help for her medical treatment from the Government of Pakistan.


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