FATA Reforms Bill: The Bill will be Presented in National Assembly Today


The Federally Administered Tribal Areas or FATA Reforms Bill will be discussed today in the Parliament.

FATA Reforms Bill will be presented today in the Pakistan’s National Assembly. Yesterday, the federal cabinet gave approval to the reforms bill. PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has exhorted PML-N parliamentarians and allies to go to the present session so the treasury seats have a satisfactory number to guarantee the bill’s passing. According to sources, the federal government chose to advance on the issue subsequent to taking resistance parties on confidence. Yesterday, the federal cabinet approved the revealing of FATA Reforms Bill in the Parliament.

According to sources, the government has chosen to get the proposed 30th Amendment of the Constitution affirmed before the occupant National Assembly finishes its term. However, the aim of the amendment is to merge federally administered tribal areas with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly seats will increase from 126 to 147 after the merger of FATA and KP. It would be a 30th amendment that is earlier approved by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee for Law and Justice. In addition, after the merger, provincial assembly seats will increase to 117 from 99. Women seats will increase to 26 from 22. However, religious minorities seats will increase to 4 from 3.

FATA will be provided 18 general seats, four seats for ladies and one for the religious minorities. However, FATA’s twelve benches in National Assembly will be converged in KP Assembly. KP seats will later increase to 60 from 40 in the National Assembly.


  1. hey there and thank you for your informative news article. I just hope that these reforms presented in the bill are beneficial for the people.


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