Female Teacher Travels 50 Km on Motorbike to Teach in DG Khan


DERA GHAZI KHAN: A lady travels more than 50 km to go to school she teaches in, on motorbike, in DG Khan.

Mahjabeen, 33, of DG Khan, commutes on a motorcycle to go to the school, which is 26 kilometers away, to teach there. The lady who belongs to Sokar in the Taunsa Tehsil, travels to Government Primary School No 2 located in Basti Kalairi. While riding the motorcycle she also wears a Burqa and a helmet.

Mahjabeen has done her masters in Political Science and Education from the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. She is the only female teacher of the school other than 2 male teachers. After looking at Mahjabeen female students of the area also enrolled into the schools.

The route that leads towards the school in DG Khan from her home was once infested with terrorists. But she is brave enough to still travel so far that too on a motorcycle. The Rangers have cleared the area of terrorists after an operation last year. But the locals still fear from the sheer thought of the presence of the terrorists.

In an interview with a local journalist, Mahjabeen said that the locals trust and protect her as she has been visiting the area daily for the past six years. At first she said she was very scared due to the conservative views of the tribal leaders. However; her husband and her mother-in-law gave her a lot of support for doing what she does.


  1. as the policy low income employees should be provided their jobs in their vacinity even males.sister mahjabeen is obviously dare but does not mean she travel long distance buy motor bike.motor bike entirely not dignified particularly for ladies.i would like to request to the concerned athorities pl transfer to her soon in her jurisdictions to protect her modesty and dignity before any consequency occur.


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