FIA arrests Hussain Lawai in Connection with Money Laundering


Federal Investigation Authority has held Hussain Lawai in money laundering charges worth billions of rupees.

Hussain Lawai is said to be a close aide to Asif Ali Zardari, former president and co-chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party.

The investigation is underway into money laundering scam of around Rs 35 billion insinuates a political leader his business friends and senior banking executives.

The probe initiated after FCU(Financial Monitoring Unit of the State Bank of Pakistan) revealed about suspicious transactions via ten fake bank accounts in a report, earlier in January.

FIA authorities confirm that 32 others along with Hussain Lawai, are being under this probe for laundering billions of rupees through unnamed accounts.

FIA sources affirmed that in 2015, it started an investigation into the case and notifications were issued to people deemed involved including Hussain Lawai, however, because of certain pressures were not completed.

They also maintain that more than twenty ‘unmanned accounts’ at a private bank were illegibly opened in 2013, 2014 and 2015, used in transactions worth billions of rupees.


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