FIA Discovers Rs 173 Million in Bank Account of Unemployed Youth


FIA Discovers Rs 173 Million in the Bank Account of Unemployed Youth from Jhang

On Tuesday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) traced another bank account which contained millions of rupees that have no relation with the owner’s income.

FIA recently discovered a private account which belonged to an unemployed young man, Asad Ali, who lives in Jhang and the account contained Rs 173 million. The agency traced Ali’s address and the young man has been brought to Karachi for investigation.

Ali’s account is one of the accounts that are under investigation by the FIA for its ongoing investigation into fake bank accounts used for money laundering.

Money Laundering Case: Rs 41bn laundered via fake accounts, FIA

However, Ali’s brother has refused to accept this reality and claimed that his brother does not have any involvement with the bank account in Karachi. His brother further added, “He completed his education on a scholarship.”

Earlier on Sunday, the agency froze the account of an ice-cream vendor in Karachi, who found Rs 2.25 billion in his bank account.

Abdul Qadir, who is the owner of a small ice cream stall and the resident of Orangi Town’s Sector 8L, revealed that he had no knowledge of the account and the funds in it. The vendor also revealed that he came to know about the funds through a summon letter issued to him from the FIA. The agency also added that he opened a bank account to buy a house in Karachi’s Sarjani Town.

The agency has now began investigations against the transfer in Qadir’s bank account.


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