Food Poisoning in Karachi: Five children from same family died


The possible food poisoning in Karachi resulted in the death of 5 children.

Food Poisoning in Karachi took the life of 5 innocent children as they dined out at a restaurant in Saddar. According to police, children were within the age group of 1.5 to 9 years. The mother and parental uncle of children also suffered from food poisoning in Karachi.

9 year old Salvi, 7 year old Tauheed, 6 year old Aliya, 4 year old Aziz Faisal, and 1.5 years old Abdul Ali were among the deceased. Gulshan Tahir Noorani, Superintendent Police said that according to the initial investigation, the cause of the children’s death seems like food poisoning. He added that the further investigation is under way. The restaurant is now sealed and food samples have also been taken for the chemical examination.

A few months back, two children were died after dining in the restaurant at Zamzama, Karachi. The expired meat recovered was three years old as the expiry date was 2015. In addition, the rotting stench was also found on the meat.


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