Former Minister Rana Afzal Becomes Target of Voters Anger


FAISALABAD: Former state minister of finance, Rana Afzal was surrounded by angry voters who questioned his absence for five years.

PML-N leader, Rana Afzal recently visited his constituency NA-110 after five years, where he got surrounded by constituents.

The angry voters questioned his absence for five years of his term as the one representing this constituency.

Lately a string of PPP politicians who had gone to their constituencies were also targets of angry voters. They asked the leaders about what they had done for their constituency who voted so they could be represented.

The leaders had to turn away and escape the angry constituents on all the occasions.

Afzal’s constituents alleged that he denied to recognize them when they came to bring their problems to him for solution. They had come to the PML-N leader to complain to him about contaminated water, however; they were turned back with the leader saying he does not recognize them.

The constituents said they had lost their faith in Afzal after he could not even solve the sewerage problem of the city during his term.


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