Former PML-N Lawmakers From Southern Punjab Join PTI


ISLAMABAD: Former leaders of PML-N who had formed the Southern Punjab Mahaz have joined PTI. The announcement was made in a press conference with Imran Khan.

MNA Khusro Bakhtiar, who represents the Souther Punjab Mahaz and its leaders, just announced it. Chairperson Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Imran Khan, was present at the press conference.

MNA Bakhtiar said in the press conference that the decision came after the Minar-e-Pakistan Rally by PTI. In the rally, he said, PTI announced formation of Southern Punjab Province as a part of its agenda for upcoming elections. He said that since the goal of the leaders and PTI is similar it would be in benefit to join PTI.

In the press conference Imran Khan said that he is new to politics, but he does not forget about the many promises made by other parties. He said that those promises were never delivered and people were left disappointed.

Imran Khan gave example of Switzerland saying smaller units are easier to administer. He added that there are 25 cantons in Switzerland for area as small as Lahore. Continuing, he stated that each canton makes its own decisions based on the needs of the people. Imran said that he has been to Switzerland and people there are the happiest.

Imran stated that forming a separate province will not be enough, we need to solve issues of the region. He aimed at PML-N and said that there have been parties in power more than 3 times but did not solve those issues. Chairman PTI continued and said that all the budget is spent on Lahore and Southern belt is deprived. He said that the money is being spent as close to Raiwind as possible.

While talking about the formation of separate southern Punjab province, he demanded the merger of Fata with KP. He said that people of the tribal areas demand merging with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said one of the agendas of their upcoming elections is the merger of FATA with KP.

While stressing on the need of local government he said, local government system is very important otherwise people will not get governance. He added that only local government knows the problems of the locals.


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