Four Days Into Police Operation Yield No Successful Results In Kashmore


KASHMORE: In an on-going police operation in forest areas of Kashmore district in Sindh, the police has yet to gain the upper hand against bandits. However police is strong willed and says will not back down till we succeed.

The rural part of Sindh and Punjab are famous for gang robberies of passenger buses and raids by bandits. This has been an on going problem for a long time where people get stolen off their valuables. The police has conducted many operations against these bandits but the problem only subsides temporarily. Recently police had initiated an operation against Nawab Jagirani gang in Kashmore. But even 4th day into the operation has not yielded any successful results.

The police has been mounting its skirmish in the “Kacha” areas of Kashmore for four days now. In the initial stages of the operation the dacoits open fired a heavy machine gun resulting in martyrdom of SHO Karampur Police Station. Station House Officer (SHO), Ali Hassan, who died in the result of cross fire was not alone. Two officers also got injured in the heavy firing of the gang.

Around 400 policemen, 100 police commandos and 50 personnel of Pakistan Rangers, with the help of 12 armoured personnel carriers (APCs), have taken part in this operation against the bandits. But so far the police side has not gained any significant upper hand in the operation.

Police claims to have killed off one dacoit and injured several others. The police says its facing difficulties in gaining the upper hand due to the “Kacha” terrain and dense forestry. However; despite difficulties the police says it will not back down its operation against the dacoits. It will soon gain an upper hand in this police operation.


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