Gas Reserves in Pakistan: Hydrocarbon reserves may have found


A big news came regarding the gas reserves in Pakistan.

It is believed that new gas reserves in Pakistan may have found. PPL or Pakistan Petroleum Limited already announced the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves.

PPL said that in their first examining well Margand X-1 located in Kalat district, Balochistan they found the reserve of hydrocarbon but they still not reveal actual size of the reserve block.

With the use of wire line logs, Modular Dynamics Testing was done which confirmed the existence of hydrocarbon. Margnad X-1 was borer on June, 30. 2019, reached on a depth of 4500 meters inside.

Drill Stem Test of the well exposed that a flow of 10.7 million cubic feet of gas per day (mmcfd) at 64/64 inches fill size with flowing support pressure at 516 pounds per square inch (psi) and 132 barrels of liquid per day.

According to PPL, it is for the first time gas reserve fount at the place of Kalat and its open the new chances of hydrocarbon exploration in the region. The found hydrocarbon reserve will help in filling the gap of demanding and supply of gas and oil in the country.


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