General Elections 2018: ECP seeks Army Deployment at Printing Presses Across Country


The Election Commission of Pakistan has requested for army deployment at all three printing presses. Ballot paper for General Elections 2018 will be printed here.

The Ministry of Defence had agreed to provide 350,000 army troops for election 2018 duties as requested by the ECP.

The army will provide the security to the Printing Corporation of Pakistan, which published ballot papers, from June 27th 2018. The army will resume election duties four days before the July 25th 2018 polls.

Election Commission of Pakistan sent a summary of the request to the Ministry of Defence.

According to sources, printing presses in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad will be secured by the armed forces.

The distribution of ballot papers will also be done under the supervision of army.

Defence ministry has also decided to call back army, air force and navy personnel who retired in the last two years.

The retired personnel will also enjoy complete powers that are given to serving military personnel on election duty, sources added.

The ECP had written a summary to the defence ministry seeking 350,000 troops for election duty.

Last week, the ECP had declared that army personnel would be posted inside and outside the polling stations and at the printing press from June 27 till polling day.

Though the army has been deployed to secure the general elections 2018 before, such a high number has never been seen earlier.

According to reports, with 350,000 available personnel, the armed forces will be able to post two security officials inside and two outside the around 85,000 polling stations.

The Pakistan Army had also spared around 200,000 troops to conduct the Sixth Population and Housing Census of the country last year.


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