German Ambassador Points Out Dumpsites in Islamabad


German Ambassador Points Out Dumpsites in Islamabad

German Ambassador of Pakistan, Martin Kobler, who is very active on Twitter – to post pictures of his adventures around Pakistan or just Tweet about his opinions – shared a picture of a spot in Islamabad that had become a dumpsite of garbage. His recent tweet resulted in the suspension of two Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials by the government.

Mr. Kobler even named and identified the area as F7/4 street 56 of Islamabad, while pointing towards a dump of garbage in the picture above.

He wrote in his tweet, “Going past a road, there is scenic locality around, but at a point in F7/4 street 56 of Islamabad I spotted a heap of garbage. The trash could not be dumped this way. This could become a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes and hence causing health hazards. What can we do about it?”

His tweet drew attention of the government and it looks like some measures are taken to seriously eradicate dumpsites in Islamabad.

Additionally, this is not the first time Mr. Kobler decided to go on a casual stroll around the city and sharing his best moments on Twitter. He is well-known for mingling with the locals and experiencing the culture on the streets.

Recently, the German Ambassador took his special encounter with a local to social media to tell his followers about an his experience with a roadside barber. He got the haircut from him and became friends with him too!

This is what Mr. Kobler tweeted, “getting a great haircut in the streets of #karachi!! so nice to meet the friendly barber mohammed. he works here everyday to support his wife and 6 children. Hope to see him again on my next trip!!”

Not only did his tweet got abundance of love from Pakistani citizens, but it also showed that he is not afraid to let his followers know about his ventures.

Mr. Kobler leaves no stone un-turned while he explores the streets and culture of Pakistan.

Kobler has been posting about his adventures through his Twitter account. He has also posted pictures of different attractions of the country. From Islamabad’s most famous Monal restaurant to Karachi Railways station. And he is doing it with style!


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