Government auction of helicopters of Cabinet will be done, Naeemul Haq


Naeemul Haq, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Political Affairs, said that the government auction of helicopters will be done.

The government auction of helicopters will be organized as Naeemul Haq revealed about the four Cabinet Division’s helicopters. Naeemul Haq tweeted that the surplus helicopters to be sold that’re not under use by the Cabinet Division.

He further added that 8 buffaloes will also be sold that were bought to cater the gastronomic requirements of former PM Nawaz Sharif.

However, buffaloes and helicopters will also be sold after the auction of surplus and luxury vehicles on September 17.

In the first address, PM Imran Khan, focused to lower down the cost of the government expenditure. However, he also announced the auction of luxury and surplus cars present at PM House.

A Pakistani Canadian Khalid Malik also offered to provide helicopter along with all expenditure to Imran Khan.

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