Government Increased NADRA CNIC Fee In Pakistan


Karachi: NADRA CNIC fee increased from today in Pakistan. Now the normal fee would be Rs. 400 for the normal card. The executive fee will be Rs. 2150 and the urgent fee will be Rs. 1100.

However, people and analysts are criticizing NADRA for this decision. National Assembly and Provincial Assembly Elections will be held in a few months. However, the rise in fee will adversely affect the CNIC registration. It will later impact the process of voter registration.

People already blame NADRA for the long and tiring registration process. According to sources, it will take almost a whole day to register for CNIC. In some cases, people make two to three trips for the CNIC registration process. Some Mega Centers work 24 hours a day but they are not enough to cater the large population.

A few months back, Usman Mobeen, Chairman NADRA, visited different NADRA centers as a common citizen. However, he faced same issues that people usually face in the registration process. In addition, he also fired staff members who were not properly fulfilling their duties.


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