Habibullah Khan to Build First Ever 6 Star Hotel of Pakistan


Karachi: Mega Conglomerate owner Habibullah Khan set to build first globally recognized 6 Star hotel of Pakistan in Karachi. The mystery billionaire Habibullah Khan recently acquired the Hotel Metropole where he plans to build a small district, in which the 6 star hotel is set to be built.

Plans to Build a City Inside a City by Habibullah Khan

The “mystery billionaire” who likes to stay away from the lime light has said to have invested more than 31 billion into different assets, with his most recent acquisition of the famed Hotel Metropole which is situated on the end of the business vein of Shahra-e-Faisal, he plans to build a small district. “We want to build a city inside a city, we have been working very hard to achieve this” said Habibullah while giving an interview. Hotel Metropole, the nearly abandoned hotel which is built on 4 acres inside the business district of Karachi will be abolished and divided into 4 parts, one of which the new 6 star hotel is supposed to be built on. The previous Zoroastrian or more commonly known as Parsi owners of the Metropole were trying to sell off this asset for a long time now but not many had the kind of liquidity on hand to make the transaction fast. He added they were able to finish the deal within 2 months by the Grace of Allah.

Designs for 6 Star Hotel of Pakistan

Habibullah Khan is planning to commission Louis Vidal of Spain or Zaha Hadid Architects the renowned British-Iraqi architecture firm for design contract of this 6 star hotel. Both these parties have already submitted their proposals to Habibullah while a 3rd UK based architecture firm is also trying to achieve the contract.

Habibullah had recently acquired the biggest stake in the Hub Power Company or Hubco and is also in talks with Dewan Cement to achieve ownership of one of the biggest cement companies of Pakistan. It looks like Habibullah Khan is not one for just talks and might just give us the first 6 star of Pakistan hotel in Karachi pretty soon.


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