Hajj applications 2020 submission will begin from February 24


The commencement date regarding Hajj applications 2020 submission is now revealed.

Hajj applications 2020 submission is going to start from next Monday, February 24. The submission of application to the designated bank branches that secure the place in Hajj policy 2020 will begin on the said date and will culminate within fortnight.

In total, 179,210 pilgrims will perform Hajj 2020. However, 60 percent will be from government whereas 40 percent will be under the private scheme.

On the other side, government Hajj 2020 charges have been declined from Rs 480,000 to 470,000 for the northern and southern regions respectively.

Applicants who are over 70 years old will be automatically selected but they have to tick the quota column in Hajj 2020 application form. In addition, applicants who have applied in 2017, 2018, and 2019 will be selected automatically.


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