Hasan Askari Rizvi Administered Oath As Caretaker CM Punjab Today


LAHORE: Professor Hasan Askari Rizvi was administered oath as the caretaker CM Punjab today at Governor house, Lahore.

Hasan Askari Rizvi was appointed the caretaker CM Punjab by Election Commission of Pakistan on Thursday. The decision followed a failure to reach consensus on the name of the interim post in the parliamentary committee. The parliamentary committee comprised of members from former government and former opposition.

Hasan Askari who is a Pakistani political scientist and a military analyst, is one of the notable names when it comes to Pakistani nuclear and domestic policies.

Hasan Askari Rizvi spoke the media after his oath taking ceremony. While giving a statement he said that he will not misuse the power given to him by the country.

Speaking of elections, the caretaker CM Punjab said that no party needs to worry about the upcoming elections. He said that the elections will be fair and transparent, and that he will fulfill the responsibility given to him.

Talking about the objections raised by PML-N over his appointment, Hasan Askari Rizvi said that everyone has right to express their concerns and reservations. However; it does not affect me if they challenge my appointment.

Justice (retd) Sair Ali and Admiral (retd) M Zakaullah were nominated by the former government for the interim post. While on the other hand the opposition had recommended Ayaz Amir and Dr Hasan Askari.


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