Heat Wave in Karachi: High temperature is expected from today


Temperature can be highly increased as the heat wave in Karachi is expected from today.

The heat wave in Karachi can cause high temperature from Saturday (today) till September 26.  However, wind blowing from the sea is also stopped.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), heat wave in Karachi can increase the temperature in city as high as 39 Degree Centigrade. However, high temperature in Sindh including Karachi is also happened by the wind’s low pressure from the Bay of Bengal.

PMD Director Abdul Rasheed and other officials revealed that the temperature of Karachi will decrease after September 26. On the other side, pleasant weather is observed in other parts of Pakistan after the rainfall.

Climate changes and global warming are adversely affecting Pakistan. This Year, on 30 April, 50.2 Degree Centigrade temperature was recorded in Nawabshah.

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