Heatwave Subsides After Sea Breeze Starts to Cool Temperature


KARACHI: The heatwave in Karachi is starting to subside a bit after the halted sea breeze resumed to cool down temperature.

Due to halted sea breeze, the temperature of the city had rose above 40 Celsius for three to four consecutive days in Karachi. The temperature on Monday was recorded the highest so far, at a 44 Celsius. Reports of people dying of heatstroke were in the news, with 65 deaths reported in the heatwave.

However; the temperature has started to cool down after the sea breeze started to blow again towards the city. The temperature will be likely to stay below 40 Celsius for the duration of three to four days.

However; the Pakistan Meteorological Department has predicted another round of heatwave next week for Karachites. The Met department has said that untill it rains, hot and dry weather can be expected.

Today the temperature is going to be between 38-40 Celsius with 44% humidity in the air.

On Friday the monitoring body of PMD has predicted temperature to be from 37-39 Celsius. The temperature will further drop on Saturday, with temperature to stay between 36-38 Celsius.

PMD has again advised people to take precaution, avoid the direct sun, and stay hydrated. Splash water to cool down your body temperature to avoid heat stroke.


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