HGO List 2019: SMS service launched to prevent private Hajj fraud


The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony announced the SMS service that will assist private pilgrims to remain safe from bogus HGOs or Hajj Group Organising companies.

Regarding the HGO List 2019, pilgrims looking to perform private Hajj 2019 can check the authenticity of companies by sending SMS on 8331. However, they will promptly receive a reply, containing details about the enrolment status of that HGO, name of its chief executive, its allotted quota and address.

HGO’s quota status should be confirmed from ministry’s relevant department by contacting phone no 051-9216980; 051-9205696; 042 111 725 425;111 Pak Hajj; www.hajjinfo.org.

The government will not be responsible for any fraud with the intending pilgrims, who inked an agreement with any HGO or travel agent without checking the enrolment status and allotted Hajj quota of his relevant HGO. However, the intending pilgrims should ink their Hajj pilgrim agreement with only approved HGO/ tour operators after confirming its Hajj quota status.

On the other side, the ministry has made mandatory for all HGOs to deposit five per cent of their each private Hajj package to ministry as a performance guarantee.


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