IMF-Pakistan to Continue Discussion for Second Day Today


IMF-Pakistan to Continue Discussion on Bailout for Second Day Today

On Thursday, talks between Pakistani officials and the technical team of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will continue in Islamabad for a second day.

On October 7, the delegations that had arrived in the country, will be present for two weeks to hold talks related a possible bailout package.The talks will continue till November 20 finance secretary, chairman Federal Bureau Revenue and governor State Bank of Pakistan in attendance.

According to sources, data related to different parts of the Pakistani economy will be discussed with the IMF team today. “Data of Pakistan’s power sector will be shared with IMF’s technical team today along with the sector’s losses and recovery.”

“The second phase of talks between Pakistan and IMF will commence from Monday and the discussion to focus on different policy matters,” sources added.

On Wednesday, Finance Minister Asad Umar said that Pakistan will be receiving $5-6 billion bailout package from IMF.

“If IMF puts forth conditions that are not in the national interest, we will not accept them. All arrangements made to date have been so that Pakistan does not have to bend over should the IMF set such conditions,” Umar explained.


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