Imran Denies Involvement in Zulfi Bukhari Controversy of name Removal from ECL


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has refused to accept that Zulfi Bukhari’s name was removed from Exit Control List on his phone call.

While speaking to media in an interview, Imran Khan said that travelling on a chartered plane is not a sin or crime in the court of law.

He further said about Zulfi Bukhari controversy, “There is nothing wrong in going to Umrah on a chartered plane. I didn’t travel on taxpayers’ money.” The PTI chief also expressed that VIP culture is one in which taxpayers money is used for the luxury of few.

He also challenged the opponents about providing evidence against these allegations about Zulfi Bukhari controversy.

He said, “It’s my challenge to my opponents to prove that I have called Interior Minister Azam Khan to take off Zulfi Bukhari’s name from the ECL.”

Commenting on Zulfi Bukhari controversy, Imran Khan further said, “I wouldn’t have been able to perform Umrah on 27th Ramadan, if I had not taken the chartered plane.”

The Interior Ministry issued a notification on June 11th 2018, and ordered the immigration authorities to grant one-time permission to Zulfi Bukhari for a period of 06 days to perform Umrah. He was earlier stopped from travelling to Saudi Arabia today along with Imran Khan.

Federal Investigation Agency sources said the Zulfi Bukhari was set to fly to Saudi Arabia from Rawalpindi via a charter flight along with Imran and his wife Bushra Maneka, but was stopped from boarding the flight as his name was on the Exit Control List (ECL).


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