Imran Khan Addressed an Event Ceremony in Lahore


Imran Khan addressed to a ceremony related to in Lahore, saying there are two kinds of people in this world, Materialistic and Spiritual. Imran refrained to mention any Pakistani names seeing it was not a political event, said that those who are materialistic like Donald Trump live for themselves only. They come and live like animals, caring only about themselves and then pass away.

He said Allah created humans not to live this way, when someone earns it is not only so that they can live for themselves. Allah sent Messengers for the purpose of teaching us humans about how to live our lives. He said that people who only think about themselves do not make a difference to anyone.

Imran Khan Mentions Turning Point in Life and Why He Built Cancer Hospital

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf said that Allah, when He wants to, can bring a person to the path of salvation. He said at times only one instance is enough for Allah to bring a human to the righteous path. He said for him it was when even though he was a prominent figure, when his mother contracted cancer, he had so many difficulties getting her treated.

He said that it was then he realized that we don’t have even one cancer hospital in this country. He then said that he was someone of a status to get their loved ones treated abroad but what about the people who are poor and cannot afford such. It was then he decided to build the Shaukat Khanum Hospital, which would treat 70% people free of cost. Those who could afford could also avail this service locally without going abroad. He said his mother’s disease was the turning point in his life.

He then gave example that just like other people Imran Khan also was a huge fan of the lifestyle of big celebrities and rich people. He thought that it was the kind of lifestyle everyone wants to live, but then after a series of events he realized that’s not what he wants from life. He said when he built the hospital it was an impossible task to treat 70 percent people free of charge. But he made it possible thanks to the support of people whom had love for humanity and were given a heart to make a difference.

Imran Khan Mentions Achievements of The Cancer Hospital

He then mentioned that the cost to treat one cancer patient can be a minimum of 1 million rupees, which can exceed upto 1 billion. He said poor people who cannot afford food properly sell off their life’s earnings, lands and jewelry and after the patient dies are left with nothing. But thanks to the people who had helped support this cause we are able to still give what we promised, free treatment to more than 70 percent poor people.


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