Imran Khan Controversial Vote Casting: ECP demanded written apology


Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) demanded written apology from Imran Khan for the controversial vote casting.

ECP asked Imran Khan to submit written apology in controversial vote casting case. ECP heard the suo motu case of controversial vote casting against Imran Khan on Thursday (today). However, Imran is accused of not keeping vote secrecy during Pakistan Election 2018.

Imran Khan was seen openly stamping ballot paper in NA-53 Islamabad. However, he beat former PM and PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi from this constituency. Imran got 92,891 votes while Shahid Khaqan grabbed 44,314 votes from NA-53 during General Election 2018. However, ECP withheld the notification of Imran’s win from the constituency over the violation of code of conduct.

Imran Khan’s counsel Babar Awan represented his case before the ECP today. He said that Imran didn’t intentionally publicly stamp the ballot paper. He asked ECP to issue PTI chief’s victory notification from NA-53. However, ECP rejected the Babar Awan’s reply and asked affidavit from Imran apologizing for the controversial act.

Section 185 of the Election Act elaborates that a person could be imprisoned for six months or could also face fine for not maintaining secrecy during vote casting.

However, Imran Khan made the history by winning all 5 National Assembly constituencies during Pakistan Election 2018.


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