Imran Khan likely to become Prime Minister on August 15


Islamabad: The exact date of Prime Minister (PM) elections and oath taking ceremony is not yet finalized. However, Imran Khan will likely become PM on August 15.

Earlier, Imran Khan decided to take oath of Prime Minister on August 11. However, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) not yet announced the notification of winning candidates in Pakistan Election 2018.

An ECP official said that moving on a fast pace, first National Assembly session would be held on August 12. However, the recently chose individuals would guarantee, trailed by the race of the speaker and deputy speaker. He said the recently chose speaker would then report plan for the PM election. However, it is including that under the typical practice the executive was regulated the vow of the workplace by the president the day following his decision. The authority said the PM Election will well on the way to occur on Aug 15.

PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry concurred that the promise taking of the new PM would not be conceivable on Aug 11. However, rather communicated the expectation that it should be possible by Aug 14, the Independence Day. He said that truly, they had wanted that the Imran Khan oath taking should happen on August 11, yet this is by all accounts inconceivable.


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