PTI Obtains Employee List and Labor Card Pertaining to Khwaja Asif


Islamabad: Imran Khan’s associate and PTI leader Usman Dar has obtained Labor Card of Khwaja Asif and a list of employees in an off-shore company where he is employee at. Usman Dar met with Imran Khan and discussed information pertaining to these documents, after which Imran Khan claimed Khwaja Asif “Security Threat” to the State.

Khwaja Asif Off-shore Employment

After claims of PTI against Khwaja Asif about his employment off-shore and that he had not declared his work permit to the ECP and Supreme Court back in June, Khwaja Asif had replied that he has submitted his work permit to the FBR and ECP before and these facts were present before the election. However afterwards PTI had said they were planning to submit a case in the NAB court on Khwaja Asif for this. According to Usman Dar the Foreign Minister’s Labor Card states he is an employee of Abu Dhabi Mechanical Corporation Limited. His name is at the 303rd position in the employee’s list while the labor card is valid till 28th of June 2019.

The petition of disqualification based on Foreign Minister’s foreign employment was filed in the Supreme Court and Election tribunal which was dismissed. Usman Dar took the petition in Islamabad High Court afterwards where he had hoped that the Supreme Court had disqualified former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on July 28for possessing an foreign work permit and Khawaja Asif can also be disqualified on similar grounds.

Imran Khan said that inclusion of Pakistani Foreign Minister’s name in the employees of a foreign company while being the foreign minister is shameful and that he is a security risk for Pakistan. He also said that no foreign minister in any nation of the world has employment in a foreign company except Khwaja Asif which is shameful to the name of Pakistan.


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