Imran Khan to Preside Over Parliamentary Board Meeting of PTI Today


ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan has called over a PTI Parliamentary Board meeting for today.

The meeting called on by PTI Chief Imran Khan, will be held at his residence in Bani Gala at 1:30pm. The purpose of the meeting is to review the dispensation of party tickets for upcoming general elections.

Long time loyal PTI workers staged a protest outside Bani Gala for being overlooked by party administration for ticket distribution.

After which Imran Khan had tweeted that any party worker who thinks he has been overlooked or neglected unfairly should submit an application to the central office of the party.

He assured that he will himself personally review the petitions and take action accordingly.

Imran who was in Saudi Arabia with his wife Bushra Maneka for performing Umrah returned to Pakistan yesterday.

While he was in the Holy city of Madina, he had told the media that he will review the controversial tickets on Thursday.

Imran said that he made sure 90 percent of the tickets were were rightfully handed to selected individuals. However; the rest of the 10 percent tickets will be reviewed on the demand of longtime party stalwarts.


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