Imran Khan Unwilling to Form Coalition, Will Sit in Opposition Instead


ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman, Imran Khan says he rather sit in opposition than form a coalition with another party.

While talking to a local news TV channel, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf explained his stance on coalition. Imran Khan told the interviewer that forming a coalition government would hinder his party’s manifesto.

Asking what he would do if his party did not get enough seats to form a government, he said he rather sit in opposition. He said that when you form a coalition government with someone you have to compromise on your ideals. He said every party has his own manifesto and ideals.

Imran told the interviewer its another thing when a leader joins the party, he accepts the party and its disciplines. However; for forming a coalition we have to see what the leader of the party who is forming coalition stands for. He said that forming a coalition one would be forced to to compromise on the other’s viewpoints.

When asked what will he do once he gets the chance to run the office, he said he would choke corruption. Because, if one does not choke corruption, one cannot save the nation, PTI Chief added.

He said whats the use of forming a government with people like Asif Ali Zardari? What will become the use of coming into power if we have to form a government with him?

He said will Asif Zardari accept the accountability that he envisions? Instead one will sit in the opposition instead, Imran Khan answered himself.


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