Imran Khan Visit to USA: Trump welcomes PM, offers to resolve Kashmir crisis


The United States President Donald Trump welcomes Prime Minister Imran Khan at White House.

During the Imran Khan visit to USA, Donald Trump offers to mediate the Kashmir issue. However, India and Pakistan have a conflict on Kashmir since several decades.

A huge number of Pakistanis gathered outside the White House. US President Donald Trump held a one on one meeting with PM Imran Khan where Trump offered to resolve the Kashmir crisis between Pakistan and India.

Donald Trump said that he will say that they’ve a good relationship with India and he knows that Pakistan’s relationship was strained a little bit. He further added that if he can help, he will love to be a mediator.

On the other side, PM Imran Khan said that USA is the most powerful country and can play a crucial role to bring peace in the subcontinent region. He further added that over a billion people are held hostage to the situation in Kashmir and he believes that President Donald Trump can bring both countries together.


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