Imran Pompeo Call: US State Dept statement is factually incorrect, FO


The Foreign Office (FO) termed United States State Department’s statement about Imran Pompeo call “factually incorrect”.

US State Department said about Imran Pompeo call that Mike Pompeo highlighted the significance of Pakistan. However, it was about taking strict action against terrorists operating in Pakistan and country’s crucial role in promoting Afghan peace process.

Foreign Office Spokesperson, Dr Mohammad Faisal, said that Pakistan protests the genuinely inaccurate articulation issued by US State Dept during Imran Pompeo call. He further added that there was no say at all in the discussion about psychological militants working in Pakistan.

In a telephone call, Mike Pompeo congratulated Imran Khan in the wake of his being confirmed as PM of Pakistan after winning Pakistan Election 2018. He also communicated his readiness to work with the new government towards a beneficial two-sided connection.


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