Indian Army Chief: Kashmiris Should Withdraw Freedom Movement


NEW DELHI: Indian Army Chief has said that if Kashmiris want to stop slaughter, they need to withdraw freedom movement.

The Indian Army Chief has expressed tyrannical sentiments, saying that Kashmiris need to surrender and not fight for freedom.

He said that India will stop their onslaught of the people if the people throw down their weapons. He said that protesters who pelt stones at the army only invite more aggression on themselves.

Bipin Rawat, said that the Kashmiris can never win from the Indian army neither can they achieve independence. He said that the onslaught of Kashmiris will continue unless the armed fighters of freedom movement forfeit. He added that people should not get in way of our search operations if they do not want to get hurt.

Indian Army Chief said that Kashmiris can never attain independence and cannot win from the Indian Army.

While asking the freedom fighters to surrender and coming out of hiding, he said unless they do so Kashmiris will die.

Indian army chief questioned the motive of protesters, saying he does not understand why masses are trying to be an obstacle for search operation of Indian armed forces. He said the protesters are trying to sabotage their operation. Adding to the statement he said that we will not let anyone be an obstacle for their operation.

Even under the huge amount of bloodshed, the Kashmiris have not given up their peaceful protesting. Pakistan has expressed solidarity with the Kashmiri brethren, raising the issue at world forums. Pakistan said unless other nations intervene the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir will not improve.


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