Interior Ministry Requested NADRA to Block CNIC of Pervez Musharraf


ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Interior has sent a letter to NADRA requesting to block the NIC of Pervez Musharraf.

The Ministry of Interior has sent the letter to NADRA for blocking NIC of Pervez Musharraf on directives issued by special court. Special court issued orders in light of treason case that is ongoing against the former President.

Once Musharraf’s NIC is blocked his passport would also become invalid. This would restrict him from travelling to other countries. His bank accounts in Pakistan are also going to be frozen.

NADRA, however; has said it is yet to receive the letter from the Ministry of Interior.

Earlier on, special court had ordered Federal Government to take actions for apprehension of Pervez Musharraf. The court asked the government to cancel the NIC and passport of the former dictator.

Ministry of Interior had given a week to Musharraf to surrender or else his NIC and passports were going to be blocked. Failing to do so, the ministry has sent a letter to NADRA to block the former dictator’s NIC.

Musharraf is undergoing a trial for treason with the state. He had requested his name to be removed from ECL for treatment of his heart. After his name was removed from ECL on directives of Supreme Court, Musharraf fled and has been absconding since.


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