ISPR denied issuing security threat alerts for different cities


Rawalpindi: Inter Services Public Relations or ISPR denied the issuance of threat alerts for Pakistani cities.

ISPR denied the fake security threat alerts circulating on social media. In a press release, they denied issuing any security alert and stated they all are fake.

ISPR stated that people should visit their official website for the confirmation of any such security alert. They further added that it is a condemnable act and of fear spreading and people should keep their eyes open on fake calls propaganda.

The internet revolution in Pakistan is bringing more people online. The implementation of 3G/4G networks and cheap data packages are increasing number of mobile internet users in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a highly fertile ground for fake news creation and spreading. However, a large number of users are unskilled and do not know about distinguishing fact from fiction.

Facebook and WhatsApp also revealed instructions that how people can protect themselves from fake news during Pakistan Election 2018.


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