Judge Arshad Malik Video Scandal Case: Hearing begins in SC

Supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing Arshad Malik video scandal case on Tuesday (today).

Judge Arshad Malik video scandal case hearing now began in the apex court. Chief Justice of Pakistan or CJP Asif Saeed Khosa is hearing the case. However, he was removed from his designation winning the request of Islamabad High Court (IHC) last week against him.

Judge Arshad Malik submitted a letter with his statement, stating that all the allegations imposed on him are incorrect and the verdict he announced of Nawaz Sharif�s imprisonment was after hearing and receiving the evidence against him. He also denied the authenticity of the video.

Arshad Malik in his letter to the IHC stated that he was offered bribe by Hussain Nawaz. Nasir Butt came to met him and offered him Rs.100 million in Euros of which 20 million were in his car and would have handed over to him immediately if he had accepted the offer and announce the verdict in favor of Nazwaz Sharif.

Judge Arshad Malik was not able to convince the Law ministry with his words and was removed from his position as well as not to hear any of the cases he had.

In today�s hearing under the chief justice of Pakistan in the apex court, more than 1000 police personals are on duty in the Red Zone and SC area. All the people inside the court room will pass by through showing special passes and snap-checking.

No mobile phones and cameras will be allowed in the court room at the time of hearing.

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