ECP appoints Justice Musarrat first female judge to head the poll tribunal


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) appointed in first, woman judge to head a poll tribunal.

In a belated exercise, the ECP appointed on Wednesday 20 tribunals comprising serving judges of the high courts to adjudicate election disputes. One of the tribunals comprises Justice Musarrat Hilali.

Normally election tribunals are appointed with the issuance of final notification of election results, which is also beginning of the countdown of 45 days given to candidates for filing cases against the results.

As the notification for election tribunals has been issued late this year, the applicants will have less than 40 days for the purpose.

Eight tribunals have been appointed for Punjab, five for KP, four for Sindh and three for Balochistan.

Five judges to form election tribunals for KP are: Justice Musarrat Hilali, Justice Lal Jan Khatak, Justice Muhammad Ghazanfar Khan, Justice Abdul Shakoor Khan and Justice Ijaz Anwar.

The four tribunals for Sindh will comprise Justice Omer Sial, Justice Yousuf Ali Sayeed, Justice Shafi Siddiqui and Justice Khadim Hussain Shaikh.


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