K-Electric Says Load Shedding Expected to Reduce by May 20


KARACHI: K-Electric has said that load shedding will reduce after Bin-Qasim power plant will get fixed by May 20th, after an important repair part will arrive from Holland today.

There has been another episode of load shedding in the city of Karachi. K-Electric had said that it was due to a fault in Bin-Qasim power plant. The power plant had said to have stopped working causing a 600-700 megawatt shortfall.

The metropolitan hub had started facing load shedding again, with areas exempted from load shedding facing power outage.

The part which is said to fix the plant weighs 41-tonnes and is being flown from Holland. According to a spokesperson of KE the important part is going to arrive today. Technicians to install the parts are also said to have been brought in with the part from Holland.

Certain areas of the city are facing prolonged load shedding with Ramadan right around the corner. K-Electric has said that city’s industrial areas and Water Board’s pumping stations are exempt from power cuts. However; many areas of the city are facing harsh power outage from 10 to 12 hours a day.

Heavy load-shedding has been seen in Liaquatabad, Malir, Orangi Town, Lines Area, Landhi, Shah Faisal Colony, and adjoining areas.

Earlier on, a dispute between K-Electric and Sui Southern Gas Company had also initiated a series of load shedding. The dispute on unpaid dues towards the gas utility by KE was in High Court for a while. However; after intervention of Federal Government, the dispute was said to have been resolved.


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