Karachi Sees Shortage of Water After Levels Drop Very Low at Hub Dam


KARACHI: Karachi sees huge shortage of water as Hub Dam levels drop exceedingly low.

The Hub Dam is one of the ways through which Karachi receives its water resource. But due to the levels dropping exceedingly low, the city is facing huge shortage of water.

People residing in the central district of Karachi told news today, that their request for water tankers was turned down. The citizens complained that the Sakhi Hassan hydrant had refused to facilitate their water needs.

At least 400 to 300 requests are fulfilled every day for the resource but today due to lack of water it was turned down.

The city is supplied with water from two sources, one being the Indus River and the other being the dam at Hub. The water from the sources is then pumped through three stations in Dhabeji, Gharo and Hub.

The former minister of local government, Jam Khan Shoro told news that Karachi gets about 650MGD water. The Indus river provides about 550MGD of the resource to the city while Hub Dam provides rest of the 100MGD water to the city.

Earlier in May, Karachi was facing a water shortage due to high consumption as the city was hit with a heat wave.


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