Karachi to Get a Pink Electric Taxi Service Exclusively for Women

Sindh Transport Minister, Sharjeel Memon, unveiled plans for an exciting new initiative to introduce an electric taxi service in Karachi. The government aims to provide convenient and reliable transportation options to the city’s residents while promoting eco-friendly commuting.

Under this ambitious project, over 200 electric taxis will launch in the initial phase, with a special focus on catering to the needs of female passengers. To ensure their safety and comfort, 50 pink-colored taxis will be available exclusively for women.

The introduction of this electric taxi service comes in response to the soaring fares of existing ride-hailing services, which have burdened commuters in recent months. By offering a more affordable alternative, the government seeks to address this issue and alleviate the financial strain on the public.

Beyond affordability, the project also highlights the government’s commitment to environmental sustainability. By encouraging the use of electric vehicles, the initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote cleaner, greener transportation within the city.

Sindh Govt. to Launch Environment-Friendly Electric Taxis: Set to Save Billions in Fuel Costs

Minister Memon emphasized the significance of this initiative in tackling the challenges faced by the public transportation sector in Sindh. The government’s proactive efforts to provide modern and comfortable commuting options reflect its dedication to improving the lives of residents.

With the launch of the electric taxi service, Karachi’s commuters can look forward to a more convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious means of transportation. The government’s commitment to addressing transportation challenges underscores its determination to enhance the overall quality of life in the province.

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