Karachi to Not Receive Any Water Till Repair Work Finishes at Dhabeji


THATTA: Karachi’s water supply has been halted due to repair work on a pipeline at the Dhabeji pumping station.

The spokesperson, executive engineer for Karachi Water board informed of the situation. He has stated there is a 72-inch diameter burst in a pipeline due to power break down.

He told that due to the power break down, a back pressure was created that ruptured the pipeline.

Until the repair work on the pipeline is done, many areas of the city will be without water. No timeline has been provided on when the pipeline will be fixed.

Karachi was already under a water shortage due to the low water levels in Hub Dam. The shortage has caused many hydrants to reject requests for water tankers.

People have complained from the many areas of the city already, before the Dhabeji station suspended the water supply.

Karachi is supplied by water from Indus River and Hub Dam by three pumping stations. One of the major ones being the Dhabeji Water Pumping Station.


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