Karachi to Reach 44 Celsius Today As Heatwave Persists


Karachi: The temperature in the city is to reach 44 Celsius like it did on Sunday, as Karachi faces another Heatwave in Ramadan.

This Sunday, Karachi faced one of the hottest days so far, with temperatures exceeding 40 Celsius, going as far as 44 Celsius. Meteorological department had issued warning of another heatwave a few days back. The Met department said that temperatures will keep exceeding 40 Celsius throughout the week from 20 to 23 May.

The Met department has said that sea breeze has halted, making the temperature of the city to rise abnormally high. A northern wind is blowing towards the south, closing off the sea breeze, causing another round of heatwave.

The temperature in other parts of Sindh is forecast to reach to 50 Celsius. The cities of Nawabshah, Sibbi, Jacobabad, Daddu, Larkana etc might reach 50 Celsius in these days.

People are recommended to stay indoors, splash cool water on themselves to maintain body temperature. People are also advised to stay hydrated and avoid direct sun to the head.


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