Khawaja Asif Disqualification Appeal to be Heard in Supreme Court Today


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court will hear the petition of Khawaja Asif challenging the IHC verdict of his disqualification. Islamabad High Court had given verdict that Asif is disqualified on basis of article 62(1)(f).

A three-member bench of Islamabad High Court had given verdict that Khawaja Asif, was not ‘honest’ and ‘truthful’ for hiding his foreign employment. Former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif and PTI Leader Jahangir Tareen have also been disqualified by Supreme Court for same reason. A three-member bench headed by Justice Athar Minallah had ruled that Asif is not ‘honest’ and ‘truthful’ as per the Constitution.

Khawaja Asif however is challenging the IHC verdict in Supreme Court. He had appealed a few days ago, and today is the first hearing of the case. Asif claims that he did not purposefully hide his foreign employment in his nomination papers. He said it was unintentionally so the verdict of IHC should be made null and void.


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