KP Food Safety and Halal Authority Declares Chinese Food Haram


PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ( KP ) Food Safety and Halal Authority has declared Imported Chinese food as Haram.

Director Technical Syed Abdul Sattar Shah has said that Chinese food products often contain gelatin. He said that this gelatin is made from the bones and flesh of animals. He said we have no way to confirm that the animals are slaughtered in halal way for creating gelatin.

The director also said that in China there is no proper way for slaying animals. He added that after surveying markets in Peshawar, it was noted that Chinese food fills the shelves.

He added that we have no way for certifying this food as halal. Abdul Sattar Shah said that Chinese products do no have any certificate with them to prove the food is halal either. He said that there is already a ban on selling meat without certification of it being halal. He added that sale of alcohol based products is also prohibited.

After research it was analysed by Food authority that many Chinese items on sale in market are not halal. It’s also advised to not consume items with unreadable ingredient descriptions.

The Authority further said that toffees, chocolates, chicken and meat based products and other food items are everywhere in market. But due to not having knowledge of the products people are consuming them without verifying.


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