Last Date of Voter Registration in Electoral List Today


The last date of voter registration in the electoral list for General Elections 2018 is today. It was extended to 30th April last Tuesday.

Election Commission Pakistan has set up display centres where you can get your vote registered. You can also view verified voter list and lodge complaints related to the registration if any.

Spokesperson ECP announced that the list of verified voters is being displayed for people to view.  In the new voter list, 7.3 million new voters have registered, making the total 1.4 billion.

There have been 7,928 display centres set up in Punjab, 2, 550 in Sindh, 2,545 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 1,429 in Baluchistan for public convenience.

The ECP has collaborated with NADRA on providing information about the voter registration through an SMS service. Eligible voters can send a text message with their CNIC number to 8300. They will then receive an automated response with the name of the electoral area, block code and serial number.


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