LHC Orders Six Names on ECL Over Kasur Anti-Judicial Protest


LAHORE: LHC orders six names to be on ECL for using abusive words against judiciary and other institutions in a protest.

The Lahore High Court has ordered six names on the Exit Control List (ECL). The six accused had used abusive language against the Judiciary and institutions in a protest along with other party members. The protest was a reaction against the verdict in a case pertaining disqualification period of people under article 62(1)(f). The court had given verdict that disqualification is for a lifetime. The protesters belonged to PML-N and also included the party’s lawmakers. Today there was a hearing pertaining the matter in LHC.

During the hearing today, LHC issued order for six of the accused persons, including MNA Waseem Akhtar and MPA Naeem Safdar. The judge also asked Kasur District Police Officer Zahid Nawaz whereabouts of Kasur Baitul Maal Chairperson Nasir Mehmood and Market Committee Chairperson Jameel Ahmed. The DPO told that these two have been absconding and missing.

LHC judge also asked DPO that why were cybercrime clauses not included in the FIR of the case. The court ordered DPO Kasur to contact FIA’s cybercrime wing and investigate if the matter falls in the category of cybercrime.


  1. Well does this judiciary has the guts to take action against Khadim hussain, well of course no as he is the stogie of their masters the establishment. What a joke.


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