Load Shedding in Karachi Under Another Day of Intense Heatwave


KARACHI: The heatwave is expected to continue till Thursday according to the Meteorological Department.

The current heatwave will carry on till Thursday according to the Met department. Today the temperature can be expected to exceed 40 Celsius again.

Yesterday Edhi Foundation, the welfare foundation that runs an ambulance services through out the industrial hub reported that 65 people have been reported dead in the past 3 days due to heatstroke.

On top of the heatwave, the industrial hub of the city is going through load shedding. In the month of Ramadan, when people have to fast and not eat or drink, this becomes an even more harder trial. The heat is beating the life out of people while load shedding takes away the little relief people have.

Reports of power outage during Iftar and Suhoor have come out, even after claims from the power utility. K-Electric had said that there will be no load shedding during the time of Suhoor and Iftar.

KE said that technical faults should not be named load shedding as they are not. However; areas with line losses will bear over 7 hours of load shedding a day according to KE.

On Monday the temperature had reached an immensely hot 44 Celsius with dry hot air burning the skin. Today the temperature is expected to reach a 43 Celsius. However; a relieving sea breeze is likely to pick pace after 2 p.m. according to PMD.

The highest temperature on Monday, when Karachi had reached its hottest, was 47 Celsius in Sindh’s city of Chhor.

PMD has said the southern belt of the country will have to brave another 3 days of hot and dry weather. Dr. Riaz, PMD’s Chief Meteorologist has said that hot and dry weather will prevail if there is no rain. Moreover, temperatures will cross 43 Celsius in cities like Karachi and Lahore if there is no relief from this heat.


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